Office of Veteran Affairs

Valencia College Veteran Services provides essential resources and support for our Veterans, Active-Duty, National Guard and Reserve military personnel, their spouses and dependents. We vow to assist those whose lives are connected to the military, as they transition and learn to navigate through the college experience.

亚洲欧美中文日韩视频-日本高清视2018色视频-日本在线-久久爱在免费线看观看The laws dealing with the different veteran benefit programs are complex and change quite often. Veteran Services can reduce the chance of hardship by using our resources; contact a Valencia College Veterans Services Representative for more details.

We have created a Facebook page where the Veterans Office will post school activities, scholarships, details about processing time, reminders like early registration, etc. If you are interested in getting this information please feel free to follow our page.

Contact Us

For general assistance, call 407-582-8387 (VETS) or e-mail veterans@pokrivi-bg.com亚洲欧美中文日韩视频-日本高清视2018色视频-日本在线-久久爱在免费线看观看.

Veteran Services, West Campus

Location: SSB-203
亚洲欧美中文日韩视频-日本高清视2018色视频-日本在线-久久爱在免费线看观看Phone: 407-582-8387

Veteran Services, East Campus

Location: 5-210
Phone: 407-582-2049

  • Kathy Suarez - Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Laura Jonassaint - Point of Contact
  • Eric Bobo - A. A. Academic Advisor
  • VA Representatives

Veteran Services, Osceola Campus

Location: 2-140
Phone: 321-682-4392

  • Ilia Cordero - Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Ishanna Nunes - Point Of Contact
  • Victor Rosario - A. A. Program Advisor
  • VA Representatives

Veteran Services, Winter Park Campus

Location: Main Building, 208
Phone: 407-582-6892

Veteran Services, Lake Nona Campus

  • Terrie Meyers - Point of Contact
  • Melinda Smith - A. A. Academic Advisor